Keswick Carrot Wash

In the news: Smith Gardens' Carrot Wash Water Treatment Plant...the full story

The "Earth Friendly Company"

Fluidyne prides itself for it's continued commitment to conservation, recycling, reuse and recovery of mineral resources for the betterment of the environment. From personal and residential products to commercial and industrial applications, Fluidyne promotes healthy living and conservation of precious natural resources.

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Solar/Wind Turbine Generators, Waste Water Treatment, Waste Recycling and more.... Water Purification, Water Softening, Reverse Osmosis, UV Treatment HVAC-R, Cooling Towers, Filtration and Disinfection

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E.G. Moya, PE, MSc, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Fluidyne Corp

On May 20, 2014, Mr. E.G. Moya of Fluidyne Corp. sent a letter to Nanostruck through Mr. Bundeep Singh Rangar, Raj Kurich and their lawyer, advising them of Fluidyne/Moya's position putting Nanostruck on notice. That, the Settlement and Consultancy Agreements have been breached on several occasions and that, Nanostruck has not acquired the rights to the IP's and other technologies that has been developed during the term of the contract due to Nanostruck's failure to pay full consideration for the conveyance of the IP's and other technologies developed.

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